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Before COVID, giving and donating was important, but now more than ever there are people who depend on donated goods. Those that don't have the resources to make reusable masks, those that have lost their jobs and are now going to face a winter with less money for heating and so on. There are so many small projects that you can donate your time to and pass on something good.

You may have fabrics that you bought but didn't fit with your projects and have had it sitting in the corner, pretty and unused. Any of the small gifts from the last page can take up that fabric, and make it into something to bring joy to people. Or you can put it to a more practical use with any of the free mask patterns as well.

But maybe this year you take the time to start a tradition to give something or several somethings at Christmas. You can build small fleece quilts or tie quilts to send to elderly homes, bringing joy to others as you build something memorable and lasting. A local charity or pet shelter might have a list of goods that you can build with fabric, whether they are clothes for kids or pet beds. These types of non-profits are hit the hardest with downturns in society.

These days can be challenging to you as well, so don't forget to give yourself something as well! Make yourself a new jacket or a new table runner. Use up your stash to do it and your husband might be happy too!! Not to mention it will open up some space for you to get new fabric and projects.

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