Make a New Tradition

Posted by Judith Pratt on

With a slew of holidays coming up and everyone slowly coming out of quarantine, there is lots of time to work in some new traditions!

Everyone has been connected solely through the internet and texts lately, have you ever considered sending cards? Surprising someone you care about with one good piece of mail in between the bills can make a person smile just thinking about it. Mail a personalized embroidered card and people are even more surprised! It might become a great new tradition, bringing people together across long distances all while making new memories around the embroidery machine. Little kids will love choosing the designs and watching the machine stitch.

Christmas trees and thanksgiving tables are perfect places to hold more memories. The Christmas tree all decorated with ornaments from each year or Thanksgiving table set with trivets and warmers to keep the food warm before the turkey appears. These little creations can brighten up the room and also bring memories to the forefront. Your new ornaments can be made off the embroidery machine, or by crazy stitching a beautiful small block. Outside the sewing room you can play with a bit of paint in an empty glass ornament to make swirling designs inside the ball with your lettering and names on the outside.

Have fun making new memories!

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