Scrap Bin Chaos

Posted by Judith Pratt on

Scraps! We all have them, just a little bit of leftover binding, or the edge of that 2" strip that you needed from your last project. Those little bits and pieces outgrow their boxes and bags and start looking like a soft fabric monster.

While there can be problems saving all those little scraps, here is a good idea. Throw out any scraps less than 1½" square. These small pieces won't be of much use, even for a McKenna Ryan or a Bigfork Bay Cotton Company pattern.

Of all the leftovers, cut them down into squares. These squares can be 1½", or 2" or even 4½". As you go through your scrap bins you can continue making these squares. When you feel like emptying the new bin of squares, you can create your own designs or fit them all into a postage stamp quilt.

Once finished (and it can take a bit of time as tiny squares take forever to grow into something larger), these scrap quilts almost take on a mind of their own! When you look at them you can remember all of the different projects you did with them as well as realize what a beautiful quilt you've made with nothing but leftovers.

We've done one postage stamp quilt and are trying to get through another one. It gets distracting as you struggle to remember where that off olive green fit into your projects. We wish you the best of luck on your scrap journey!

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