The Process of Getting Online

Posted by Judith Pratt on

Hello all!!

For those that have attended classes or wandered through the store, you know who we are. But for many, we are an invisible shop.

After COVID hit, we were having trouble figuring out how to open and go through business as is with so many restrictions and complications. In the end, we decided to look into an online option. And good heavens there is an astronomical amount of work associated to getting all of our products online. As is, we have over 1500 bolts of fabric and sewing notions all over the store!

We put our heads down and managed to work through a process that can get us organized and sorted and eventually online. What you are looking at now is a small portion of our work, the results. We have tried to make sure that photos are accurate, and that there is a ruler in each picture to assure that you know exactly how big the design is. But there is always clean-up and more work.

And I think I heard another stack of fabric fall over, I guess that is my cue to get back to work. Thank you for visiting!

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